Monday, September 22, 2008

Наши за границей, епть!

Наши люди везде! Они заполонили мир от Аргентины до Аляски. Вы хотите знать, как живут жители бывшего СССР заграницей? Чем они дышат и питаются, как проводят досуг и где работают, сколько зарабатывают и тратят? Этот сайт расскажет всю правду о жизни наших людей в разных странах. Добро пожаловать!

Monday, October 29, 2007

The planet of human

Medny island is a wonderful place where you can still find pristine nature. As the island is located far from the human civilization there are many wild animals still living there. But is it all as good as it seems? These pictures show that there are certain problems here…

Unfortunately, the human civilization in these wild places leaves its awful mark too.

You can see a young sea lion on the first photo. Inevitable death is waiting for this young male Steller sea lion. The death will be slow, horrible and painful. The mortal loop does this black job. The lion grows up, his neck becomes thicker but the cord does not stretch. The loop throttle poor animal more and more. Within several years the cord will cut a lion's throat. It is a really painful death.

There are heaps of trash which waves brings to coast of Medny island from the sea on the second photo.

The third photo is very symbolical. Barbed wire and the island behind it. There was a frontier post here. Frontier guards left this place long time ago but this awful wire is still here.

Next photo was made at the Kuriles. The cow at the garbage pit. Drink milk to be healthy!

Let's take care of the world otherwise our children will see only ugliness around!

Photo by Aleksey Chetvergov

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sometimes it jumps

Northern sealskin jumps out of water sometimes. It's looks funny.

Photo by Aleksey Chetvergov

Nice creature

The sea otter is applauding us. What a charm!

Photo by Aleksey Chetvergov

What a glance!

Northern sealskin is looking suspiciously suspiciously! Oh, my poor fellow!

Photo by Aleksey Chetvergov
Beautiful waves are crashing on coast of Medny island.

Photo by Aleksey Chetvergov

Sea wolfs!

The group of the killer whales patrols along seaside of the Medny island.

Photo by Aleksey Chetvergov

Friday, October 26, 2007

Deep Diving into Chasm

Sperm Whale (Cachalot) begins a deep dive. The Sperm Whale is the most in many respects! It have heaviest brain among the all animals. Also is the largest toothed animal alive, largest living carnivore on Earth, deepest diving mammal and loudest animal in the world! Sperm Whales are greats!

Photo by Aleksey Chetvergov

Wow! Whale is jumping!

Thirty ton's whale jump like a grasshopper near the boat! Wow! Just watch the video. Digg it, please. slashdot YahooMyWeb